The Arepa

The Arepa is a naturally gluten-free, vegan, Venezuelan staple made from pre-cooked cornmeal. You can eat them with just butter or stuff them with any ingredient combination and the doughs can have a variety of flavours by using things like seeds, nuts and veggies.

Our ink-novated Arepa dough is “ink-jected” using beets, squash and spinach to match our brand colours, then adding “pepitas” for a level up in nutrition and a punch in flavour! They are grilled to perfection so you experience a crunch on the outside and a soft doughy inside!

Each Arepa is prepared with high quality ingredients and filled with a captivating mix of elements ranging from sautéed mushrooms with hearts of palm to passion fruit marinated pork shoulder topped with cheddar cheese and arugula. Our soups include vegan and non-vegan choices, staples from Venezuela: Caraotas (black bean soup) and Cruzado (Arepa Ink soup). Our ink salad is healthy, refreshing, colourful and lightly dressed.

The Arepa is, to Venezuela, as the bagel is to Canada! Pick your base, add your toppings, eat on-the-go or as a meal. The Arepa is a nutritious, unique and addictive staple in Venezuelan cuisine, and will soon be a part of Canadian culture with the introduction of Arepa Ink!