Our Mission (Old)

Arepa Ink. will be a unique, nutritional and addictive place to visit for you to indulge in a creative spin of Venezuela’s iconic food, the Arepa, and have an experience of all the senses. Arepa Ink will have an inviting, trendy, casual and relaxed atmosphere that will make you return again and again.  Our mission is not only to have great tasting, memorable food but to ensure that every detail adds value to the experience. We want Arepa Ink to be the restaurant of choice for those looking to satisfy their health-conscious habits. Our menu is packed with savoury, naturally gluten free options, bursting with nutritional fillings providing choices for all palates. Supporting local and international charities is an integral part of our business. We will ensure a safe, fun and respectful work environment resulting in our employees becoming our proudest ambassadors.

Arepa Ink. is a London based, women owned and operated business. Arepa Ink is a fast, casual restaurant inspired by Venezuelas' most iconic food. Carla and Maria are the main operators of the business and the brand with the goal to evolve into multiple locations and markets globally.

The concept of Arepa Ink is to offer a unique and nutritional menu with health-conscious and gluten-free alternatives that will provide a memorable, addictive experience. Our unique dough recipe incorporates vegetables, seeds and/or nuts to increase nutritional value, add colour, and highlight the appearance of our Arepas. The colours of our brand are Yellow, Green and Magenta to illustrate the three main vegetables used to “ink” our dough (beets, squash and spinach).

The restaurant will have a franchise look displaying a well lit, neutral decor, consistent with the brand concept.