About Us (Updated by Ana)

Arepa Ink is London’s first Venezuelan restaurant, serving the iconic Arepa! We offer nutritious, delicious and addictive food-- the trifecta that will make you come back for more!

Arepa’s are cooked cornmeal patties that can be served plain or stuffed with delicious, nutritional ingredients. We have 5 different doughs, coloured with spinach, beets or squash, and full of nutritious seeds! With a variety of combinations, we make our Arepa’s unique and addictive!

Our mission is that your experience at our restaurant would be both memorable and addictive for our unique and flavourful food!

Our menu has a wide range of options that cater to vegan, vegetarian and gluten free individuals, there’s something delicious for everyone on our menu!

We chose the name Arepa Ink because we "Ink-ject" our doughs with vegetables (beets, spinach and squash), adding colour and nutrition!These colourful doughs are part of what make our restaurant so unique!



In Venezuela, they eat arepas for breakfast, dinner, as a snack, at family gatherings and especially as late-night food after a night of lively dancing and socializing. The arepa is such a staple in their culture, Carla and Maria knew they wanted to make it the base of their new business model. Many of the menu items are named after members of Carla & Maria’s family! The arepa is more than just a delicious, addictive food to Carla and Maria – it is a representation of the country which they grew up in, and love. 

Arepa Ink. is a London based, women owned and operated business. As the owners of Arepa Ink Corporation, Carla Calderon and Maria Avilan bring with them a unique and powerful, yin yang combination of skills and capacities. Maria & Carla both pursued education and experience that would accentuate their unique experiences. Carla has years of sales, marketing, HR, operations management, and big, big ideas! Maria has both American and Canadian certifications, and MBA and is certified in Supply Chain and Project Management, making her perfectly suited for entrepreneurship! 

Their unique blend of professional and educational experience along with their passion, commitment, drive and absolute conviction will result in a lasting successful venture, making Arepa Ink a permanent and recognizable brand! We want to become a must for "places to eat in London, Ontario"!

Both Carla and Maria believe London is the perfect place to start their Arepa empire because of London’s diverse population and culture. They recognize that people come from far and wide to study, live and work here, and just like them, these folks will be looking for bold, extraordinary, unique food experiences to enjoy while in Canada. 

Arepas are a healthy, affordable meal for students and families alike, and they can be enjoyed anytime. 

If you are a lover of salty, sweet, crunchy, fluffy, party-in-your-mouth flavours and textures, we invite you to come and try out one of our arepas! The friendly staff at Arepa Ink will be there to answer any questions you might have, and we truly cannot wait to share a piece of our homeland with you. We promise that when you bite into an arepa from Arepa Ink, whether you’re Venezuelan or Canadian, it will feel like home.



The mission of Arepa Ink is to offer a unique and nutritional menu packed with savoury, naturally gluten free options, bursting with nutritional fillings providing choices for all palates.

We want to provide a memorable, addictive experience of a food near and dear to Venezuela! Our unique dough recipe incorporates vegetables, seeds and/or nuts to increase nutritional value, add colour, and highlight the appearance of our Arepas. Arepa Ink. will be a unique, nutritional and addictive place to visit for you to indulge in a creative spin of Venezuela’s iconic food. 

We want Arepa Ink to be the restaurant of choice for those looking to satisfy their health-conscious habits while also supporting communities around them. Supporting local and international charities is an integral part of our business.