About Us (Old)

Arepa Ink is London's FIRST Arepa restaurant offering a unique, nutritional and addictive option to indulge in a creative spin of Venezuela’s most iconic food, the Arepa. Since we started in the middle of this unique Covid pandemic, we adjusted our plans to launch with convienient delivery and take out.

The Arepa is made from pre-cooked cornmeal, which is naturally gluten-free and vegan. Our unique recipe incorporates vegetables, seeds and/or nuts to increase the nutritional value, add colour and highlight the appearance of our Arepas. We use mainly beets, squash and spinach to “ink” our doughs and give them our brand colours.

Our mission is not only to have great tasting, memorable food but to ensure that every detail adds value to the experience so we become one of the best food and restaurants in London Ontario!

Our menu has a unique, savoury, naturally gluten free options, bursting with nutritional fillings providing choices for all palates that will provide a memorable, addictive experience. Arepa ink can be a health conscious choice for Lunch and/or dinner in London Ontario!

We chose the name Arepa Ink. because we like how INK sounds like INC in incorporated (which we are!) and also because we "Ink-ject" our doughs with vegetables (beets, spinach and squash) to match our brand colours while increasing the Arepa's nutritional value. 

As the owners of Arepa Ink Corporation, Carla Calderon and Maria Avilan bring with them a unique and powerful, yin yang combination of skills and capacities. Their unique blend of professional and educational experience along with their passion, commitment, drive and absolute conviction will result in a lasting successful venture, making Arepa Ink a permanent and recognizable brand! We want to become a must for "places to eat in London, Ontario"!