What is an Arepa?

The Arepa is a naturally gluten-free, vegan, Venezuelan staple made from pre-cooked Cornmeal. Arepas are to Venezuelans, as Bagels are to Canadians. You can eat them with just Butter or stuff them with any ingredient combination and the doughs can have a variety of flavours by using things like seeds (“Pepitas”: a blend of hemp, flax, sesame and chia seeds), nuts and veggies.

What is in the name Arepa Ink?

The Arepa is what we grew up with, what raised us, a part of our identity, what we make, what we love, what we want to serve you. INK because it sounds like INC for incorporated (which we are!) as this will be the FIRST of many Arepa Ink and also because we "ink-ject" our doughs with nutrition and colour by adding vegetables, nuts and seeds!

What does ink-jected mean?

We add pepitas and then "ink-ject" beets, squash, and spinach purees in our doughs to match our brand colours for a level up in nutrition and a punch in flavour.

Who are we at Arepa Ink?

We are two women with an incredible passion for spreading the love for the Arepa and with the conviction that it will be the new forever thing!

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