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What is an Arepa

The Arepa is a naturally gluten-free, vegan, Venezuelan staple made from pre-cooked Cornmeal. Arepas are to Venezuelans, as Bagels are to Canadians.

You can eat them with just Butter or stuff them with any ingredient combination and the doughs can have a variety of flavours by using things like seeds (“Pepitas”: a blend of Hemp, Flax, Sesame and Chia seeds), nuts and veggies.

Our ink-novated Arepa doughs are “ink-jected” using Beets, Squash and Spinach to match our brand colours, then adding “Pepitas” for a level up in nutrition and a punch in flavour! They are grilled to perfection so you experience a crunch on the outside and a soft doughy inside! FIND OUT MORE...

Nutritional Benefits

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Arepa Ink News

  • Arepa ink in the London Free Press' Business London Magazine!

    Arepa ink in the London Free Press' Business London Magazine!

    When you walk into the laundromat at 547 Hamilton Road, you’re probably not expecting to find a small, authentic Venezuelan restaurant inside. Maybe you thought it was a tattoo shop (like the health unit did at one point). But nestled inside of the east end’s Neighbourhood Laundromat is Arepa Ink—London’s first (and only) Venezuelan restaurant founded by Mariá Avilán and...

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  • Arepa Ink by All of Pan

    Arepa Ink by All of Pan

    This is us, highlighted as #GlobalArepaMakers by the mighty @AllofPAN

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  • Arepa Ink with Digital Main Street - Arepa Ink

    Arepa Ink with Digital Main Street

    Check out this article on Arepa Ink from Digital Main Street who supported us with the launch of our website and our online ordering! In 2020, Carla and Maria combined their knowledge and previous experiences to become entrepreneurs. Arepa Ink was born from the love these two friends have for their home country Venezuela, their signature most iconic dish, the Arepa,...

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